Ongoing Projects

QSV Kids: “Fill the Backpack” School Distribution Fundraising Project.Our Organization has a series of “projects” that are, so to speak, ongoing all the time because there is always a constant need. We monitor all of them in order to supervise their proper functioning and future perspective.150449_10151775907026064_1697700817_n

We’ve successfully launched this initial project in 2013 in Diourbel (Touba) Senegal. Soon we QSV teamsters hope to serve another village and gather up the momentum and put some smiles on our little ones faces. We are as excited as they will be. It’s Time! Senegalese children suffer the most severe deprivation in matters of housing and education; in rural areas and in families where the head of the household has little or no education and health concerns are often worse. Despite progress, poverty remains high, particularly in rural areas and children are more greatly affected by poverty than other segments of the population. Babe Zoey for QSV kids has initiated a project to raise funds for children to assist in everyday needs for education and hygiene.

The future of African communities depends on the educational empowerment of our young people. If our youth are helped with the dilemmas they face, such as harsh poverty and lack of concrete resources, they will be equipped to lead their communities in the future. Since we founded our school supply program in 2009, we have provided school uniforms, books, and writing supplies to children in our Senegalese communities to offset the financial burden these items have on poor families.


QSV spends approximately 20% of volunteer time committed to fundraising for it’s charitable and educational causes. To improve the overall quality of life for women and children in Senegal, West Africa is a honor but never easy.

QSV focus programs and events are designed with our community clients, not just for them. We worked with real women in villages on what they need and how we can collectively better train them on sustaining themselves after the event is completed.

How Can You Help?

 There are three ways to give to Queen Sheba Village

  1. Write a check  or money order(Memo) made to QSV, Inc and mail to P O Box 1815 Landover, Maryland 20785.
  2. Make a donation above-QSV accepts Paypal, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover. 100% of your donation will go toward

    “Fill the Backpack” School Distribution Fundraising Project

  3. You are always welcomed to Donate to our Women and Girls Facility Fundraiser. Thank you!