Our Initiatives

Aide us in building our Women & Girls Empowerment Educational Facility

For nearly ten years, we have collected and shipped the following goods for women and children. We are accepting tangible donations of children school supplies, medical equipment, canned foods, merchandise (new or used, if in good condition), clothing and shoes and More! Now it’s high time we advance and maintain and store all of our good deeds under one big beautiful motivating inspirational roof!

What Your Donations Support

Queen Sheba Village aims to fight against poverty, hunger, and violence caused to women and children in Africa, Senegal. With the help of your generous donations we are able to improve the life stand for all those who are destitute, reduce infant mortality and promote empowering entrepreneurship for women and education for girls trainings in serene workshop classroom settings at The Women & Girls Empowerment Education Social Center.

How To Get Involved

Queen Sheba Village, Inc accepts public, domestic and International donations. Initially Queen Sheba and Team staff funded the majority of the QSV organization projects. QSV, Inc also accepts cash donations that go toward the organizations’s efforts where it is needed most. All donations can be a one-time or a recurring donation.



Written Donations To:

Queen Sheba Village Inc.

P.O. Box 1815 Landover, MD 20785


Phone: (240) 481 8271

Raw Building Materials

Contact: Queen Sheba D Cisse 011 221 76 460 4454