Where We Work

Senegal MapQSV works in rural remote villages where there is a need. In the past QSV has served in Kaolack, Medina Baye, Sara, Pikene, Risfisque, Diourbel and other villages. The QSV office headquarters is located in Senegal’s Capital Dakar, at Camberene. View our map and the list below for further information.

Where We Work:





QSV works in remote villages where there is a requested need to aide impoverished locals whom have sought us out by social media, other nearby villages and communities and simply word of mouth.We partner with communities to implement our (EEW) Education  Empowerment Workshops in Senegal.

We serve 6 main villages and several nearby communities presently in the surrounding areas

We’ve gathered 150 volunteer participants since our founding

An estimated 5000+ lives have been impacted since our founding